Land of Mother Nature

Manjung District, being the second rapid growth town in Perak has been the talk of many over the years. With its strategic location – coastal, its growth are mainly contributed from industrial activities, tourism activities, agroculture, aquaculture and housing development.

Many foreign investment companies have been establishing themselves in Manjung especially in Lumut Port Industrial Park. Recent MOU signed valued at RM21.6 billion to set up an oil refinery plant and the construction of RM 90 million biodiesel plant would make Manjung as the country’s biggest biodiesel producer. Furthermore, power plants in Teluk Rubiah and Segari has also contributed to the economic growth.

Its coastal location has contributed to the aggressive expansion of aquaculture activities such as prawn farming, fisheries and marine hatcheries. Manjung is own breeding luxury seafood like oysters and abalone!

In agroculture, Manjung has been producing sweet mangoes, dragon fruits and even longans! Besides that, poultry and its feed is also widely being produced in Manjung.