Land of Business Activities

In Manjung and 100m away from Marina Island Pangkor set the home of the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) Lumut Naval Base and dockyard. Other areas of some importance are Acheh Industrial Estates, Desa Manjung Raya, Manjung Point, Damai Laut Country Resort and Lumut Port. Manjung District has plenty of land for development purposes in the future with small barrier (1/10) due to its large landbank of agricultural land, mining areas and uncultivated lands.

Lumut was officially declared by the Sultan Perak as The Royal Malaysian Navy’s Town – or simply called as TLDM Town or Navy Town. Manjung also was declared as “Bandar Pelancongan Dan Maritim” (Tourism and Maritime Town) by government of Perak.

Seri Manjung town is developing as a well-planned administrative town, housing government buildings such as the Municipal Council Office, National Registration Office, Department Of Public Works Office and Immigration Office. The town also has a sports center and shopping malls. IIt is located between Sitiawan and Lumut.

Manjung District is the second most rapid growing district in Perak for the commercial sector with developmental units of 5,947 or 13.32%. Most of the businesses and industries located along the road linking Sitiawan, Seri Manjung, Lumut and Ayer Tawar. There also industrial and commercial activities in other small towns such as Beruas, Pantai Remis, Pekan Gurney, Lekir and Changkat Kruing.