Business Opportunities

Set against a backdrop of clear blue sea and magnificent mountain view, Marina Island Pangkor is destined to be Perak’s top tourist destination. Strategically located near Lumut Industrial Port and plenty of other resources, facilities and tourism spots, Marina Island Pangkor is expected to yield millions of dollars in revenue each year and create employment opportunities, mostly in the tourism industry.

Marina Island Pangkor’s outstanding features include a world class hotel and modern convention centre, lively shopping complex, intelligently designed and planned township which makes Marina Island Pangkor one of the most lucrative and sustainable investments available today.

  • Places of Interest
    The wide variety of leisure activities and natural attractions within close proximity will make this unique destination a popular choice with both local and foreign visitors. The internationally renowned Pangkor Island, Tempurung Cave, Taiping Zoo and other historical sites will complement the attractions and facilities at Marina Island Pangkor. 

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  • Convention Centre
    Its beautiful setting, modern architecture and world class facilities make Marina Island Convention Centre an  ideal conference destination. The convention centre is capable of hosting international symposiums and events such as concerts, expos, festivals and celebrations that will attract more visitors to Marina Island Pangkor.
  • Waterfront Shopping Centre
    Its unique blend of modern architecture, maritime environment and Malaysian culture sets it apart from other shopping centers in the country. The open shopping area with waterfront concept will set a new experience for the shoppers . One can enjoy alfresco dining while watching the sun sets on the horizon or having breakfast in the cool sea breeze.