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Marina Wellness SPA.RESORT.RESIDENCE (Show Unit OPEN)

Taking advantage of the tranquil surroundings and its natural resoures, the seawater and mud, Marina Wellness is set to be the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN  MALAYSIA, A spa, Hotel and Residence. 採有优越的坏境与自然资源-海水与泥,使Marina Wellness成为马来西亚第一家水疗公寓式酒店。 | Type A Exclusively designed with SPA resort feel every unit enjoys panoramic breathtaking sea view. 独特的水疗中心设计,让每个单位都能享有悠闲的全面海景。   | Type F Luxuriantly designed with duplex concept, this unit enjoys a private pool and direct acess to the beach. 设计豪华的复式房概念,拥有私人游泳池并可直行优美的沙滩。    

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