The Marina Island Pangkor project took five years of methodical planning and exhaustive feasibility studies to ensure the successful formation of the man-made island.

The reclamation work started with bunding work to demarcate the island boundaries in 2003.

In 2004, sand-filling began while the bunding work continued. Marina Island Pangkor consists of 2 islands whereby Island 1, being the main island is allocated for a mixed development whereas Island 2 is designed to be a fully residential island. The sand-filling reclamation work for Island 1 went in phases and to date, Island 1 has been fully reclaimed whereas Island 2 is at 30% reclaimed. In conjunction, the Phase 1 development has been completed while Phase 2 development is currently undergoing and will be completed progressively by 2015.

Till todate, the Island 1 is fully reclaimed whereas Island 2 is 30% reclaimed. Phase 1 development is completed while Phase 2 development will be completed progressively by 2015.