Ferry to Pangkor

Gateway to Pangkor Island

The journey to Pulau Pangkor by ferry is now shorter with the operation of the new jetty at Marina Island Pangkor, a great alternative to the existing Lumut Jetty. It is now a merely 10 minutes ferry ride from the Marina Island jetty to Pulau Pangkor as compared to 40 minutes from Lumut. The ferry service hour and ticket price is similar to those of Lumut Jetty. [ Click Here ] The Marina Island Jetty also features the Night Ferry Service to and fro Pangkor Jetty extending the service hour to late nights and providing a continuous transport for tourists from Pangkor island into Marina Island Pangkor, a developing entertainment hub. In the future, an international jetty will be established in the island to provide docking facility for international cruise liners. This will serve as a platform for tourist arrival in Marina Island Pangkor thus giving a tremendous boost for the tourism based business activities in the island.



Other special facilities

  • – Ample parking space for a small fee
  • – Covered passenger loading bay for buses and vans
  • – New and contemporary setting and design
  • – Beautiful waterfront view at the promenade and waiting area
  • – Special incentive and resting facility for bus drivers ( coming soon! )


” 10 Minutes ! “ to Pulau Pangkor from Marina Island Pangkor

For Ferry to Pulau Pangkor Enquiries please contact :
Hot Line : +6016-5240 800
Tel : 605-6805 888 / Fax : 605-6805 800

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